Club Penguin WPE PRO Hacks 2013

Click Aqui para descargar WPE PRO

Click Aqui para un tutorial de wpe pro completo (No es de Cp pero explica las funciones de wpe pro)

Hack de monedas facil:

1. go to the start menu of catchin waves

2. target your internet explore on WPE Pro

3. start logging

4. play freestyle and get 10 coins (100 points in the game)

5. when it shows how much coins you earned click ok

6.  go back to the start menu of catchin waves

7. stop logging on WPE Pro

8. look for a send packet that ends in the number of coins you earned Ex. 10%

9. right click then click on send

10. change the packet size to 18

11. change the 10% to 5000%. (note you must have that dot after the %)

12. hit send 1 time at 1000 mil.

13. Close the dialog box

14. you have now eaned 5000 coins


 Postcard Flood

1.First, you go to someone, and open up their player card.
2.Click on the postcard button on their playercard.
3.Go to WPE and press play.
4.Go to club penguin and send a card, any card.
5.Go to wpe pro and press stop.
6.Only two packets appear when there is no other movement at all.
7.Change the 10 at the VERY END of the packet to 00.8.It makes the coins that you spend for each card zero, so you can send cards for free!
8.Send the send packet on 1 millisecond 100 times. And Ta-dah!!

Note: You still lose coins but much slower than buying all those cards.


Change Your Puffles Name

1.Open pet catalog. “buy”

3.record on wpe

4.type in a random name for your puffle then hit done 5.stop recording on wpe6.look for the packet with the name of your puffle.7.change the name 2 anything.If you change the name to a curse, you will get banned 72 hours in about 3 days.


Puffle Wall Hack

(might get you banned if there is someone in your igloo)

This hack makes your puffle move onto any area in your screen.1.go to your igloo 2.hit record on wpe3.wait till your puffle moves then hit stop4.look for the packet that has two 3 diget numbers at the end.5.change those numbers to anything you want EXP: 001%002% (will bring your puffle to upper left ceiling.Have fun!


Gym Igloo Hack

1.Open Wpe Pro target your internet browser

2.Start logging and buy a Basic Igloo

3.Stop logging

4.You should get a packet ending in a number 1 -14

5.change the last numbers to 12%

6.Hit the play button and you should get a gym igloo!


Newspaper Flash (someone could ban you for this)

1. Target your internet explore

2. start logging

3. open and close the newspaper very fast

4. stop logging

5. look for 2 send packets if you get more than that try again

6. then on the first send packet select send with this id socket

7. now click on it again and select add to send list

8. click on the second send packet and click on add to send list

9. check your send list and check the two boxes then click on play

10. set the timer 100 mil. continusly

11. then hit play

12. you are doing the newspaper flash

note: This is server sided so you can’t see yourself doing this just ask ppl if you are.


Christmas Music Hack

1. Open WPE Pro and target your internet Explorer

2. Go to your igloo

3. Start logging

4. Edit your igloo and change the music to Hard Rock

5. Look for a send packet that ends in 402%

6. Right click it then click send

7. Change it to 400%

8. Play it 1 time at 1000 milliseconds.

9. leave your igloo and come back you should now have Christmas Music in your igloo

WARNING: It is best to do hacks on another one of your penguins we are not responsible for any accounts that get banned.


Club Penguin Find Four Hack
1.) Log in Club Penguin
2.) Go to Ski Lodge
3.) Open Up Wpe Pro
4.) Press Target Program
5.) Scroll down The List and Click Plugin-Container.exe
6.) Play Find Four with Someone
7.) Press Play Button when Its your Turn
8.) Put a checker down somewhere
9.) Press the Stop Button (Packets Should Come Up)
10.) A Packet should come up like this – %xt%z%zm%110%5%1%. –
11.) Right Click it and Press Send
12.) Change The Bold Numbers Something Random Between 0-6 %xt%z%zm%110%5%1%.
13.) Press Play When its Your turn
14.) Thats All!


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